Varoom . . . Ready, Set, Go!

April 14, 2024

The familiar sounds of cheers and tiny racecars filled the Cloverdale Common, as local Cub Scouts gathered for the annual Scouts Canada Kub Kar Rally.

The Kub Kar Rally is an annual racing event for Cub Scouts across Canada. Cub Scouts, with the help of their leaders and parents, use their creativity to design and build their own Kub Kars from wood using a standard Kub Kar Kit. The Cubs then design, cut out using carpentry tools, assemble their wooden vehicles, paint and decorate them. At the Kub Kar Rally event, Cubs face-off in head-to-head races with their handmade racecars on the iconic Kub Kar racetrack vying for badges as well as trophies for speed and best design.

Congratulations to all participants!