Shop Eats, Treats and Floral

Shop Eats, Treats and Floral

Enjoy locally made delicacies from artisan market vendors selling their yummy wares including sweet treats, hot sauce, honey and more + shop fresh florals, hand made pottery and more at the Tastemaker’s Marketplace.

Backed By Bees
Crafts unique, sustainable honey and honey beverages, including HONEY SODA™—made with farm-fresh wildflower honey.

Fruits of Chaos Jams
Explore mystical jams from Set’s desert oasis. Try the Solana strawberry jam—a blend of ripe strawberries, cinnamon, lime, and Mexican chili. Venture into the cosmic flavor explosion of their wide selection of jams.

Holy Cannoli
Crispy Sicilian shells filled with delicious Ricotta based creams in a variety of flavours! #therecannolibeone

Home Baker
HomeBaker Kits are bursting with organic, pre-measured ingredients and step-by-step recipes, all crafted to transform your kitchen into a culinary playground!

Homebody Collective
Handmade whimsical home decor that will make you proud to be a homebody! Shop the cutest concrete and ceramic planters/vases, filled with Ontario grown succulents, cacti, and air plants.

Juices of Nature
These handcrafted and bottled juices are a flavor explosion waiting to happen. From Carrot Milk Spice to Strawberry Lemonade, they'll have your taste buds doing the happy dance.

Laura Slack Chocolate
Chocolate bars, drinking chocolate mix, peppermint patties, truffles, all handmade in Toronto.

Little Cup of Sweeties
Discover a delectable selection of desserts including cake jars, cookies, brownies and dessert jars.

Maa Khana
Popped to Perfection! With a dash of yogic herbs and a sprinkle of love, lotus seeds are popped into flavour-packed magic.

May Craft Tribe
From floral motifs that bloom with every page turn to food-themed snippets that make reading as delightful as a frothy cup of coffee, these delightful wooden magnet bookmarks will cling to your imagination.

Meui Kimchi
Authentic Korean kimchi, crafted from locally sourced ingredients, is a symphony of flavours. Whether you’re a vegan seeking umami joy or a spice-averse foodie, tangy delight awaits!

Mojo Peppa Sauce
Flavourful artistry crafted in Oakville, this Award-Winning maker of over 24 'Umami-first' Artisan Hot Sauces has a world of eclectic flavours waiting for you, from mild to wild!

Omi's Sweet n Treats
Simply the best in handcrafted gourmet butter tarts and treats . . . need we say more?

Pretty Bak'd Bakery
Cakes, cupcakes, bars, tarts, cookies and cheesecakes, you'll find delight in every bite!
Plus, let's not forget our furry friends with human-grade Bak’D dog cookies and dehydrated goodies for a tail-waggingly good time.

Where crunch meets magic. A chip like no other made from rice and chickpeas—addictive, flavourful, and tastier than your wildest cravings.

Roses Without Thorns
Each card—a unique work of art—longs to be displayed and treasured. Whether it’s a foodie’s delight or a floral reverie, these laser cut and hand-assembled cards whisper stories of delight.

Samsara Fields Organics
From sun-kissed harvests on an organic farm, the crafted wholesome delights include: canned preserves, tangy ferments, savory relishes, luscious jams, and freeze-dried treasures.

Sharm's Sugar Fix
Indulge in sweetness, one crumb at a time. Every cookie and cake is a masterpiece, baked from scratch and sprinkled with magic.

That Pretzel Dough
Weaving love in every twist. From golden pretzels to artisanal bread, flaky pastries and more—each treat is a sweet symphony for your taste buds.

The Abibiman Project
From sun-kissed spice blends to soulful sauces, tantalizing beverages, and cocoa dreams—The Abibiman Project brings the heart of Africa to your plate.